KITABU CULTURE – Inspire Wisdom

Before i tell you how it went down on the 7th of this month, there are some few things you need to know about Kitabu Culture.



“Kitabu culture” is a concept that is crafted, tried and tested since the 1st quarter of 2017 as program of ACTS Foundation Trust (ACT-FT).

  • It is  intended to be a gathering that invites both truth hub members and millennials (young adults) in general to come together to share books.
  • Its objective is to promote the reading culture among millennials.
  • Every gathering has an invited prolific writer and author as the keynote speaker.

Great! now you know!

So what happened on the 7th of October? I will take you through step by step just follow keenly.


Kizitoh and John – Stewards of Time

“At exactly 8:59 am I arrive at the Siriba hall Kisumu hotel…it is quite evident that my love for book reading is immense I couldn’t help but arrive on time. Mark you this is the first ever KITABU CULTURE held in Kisumu City. I am quite expectant, needless to say my heart and soul ready for the day.

Shortly after….a duo arrives Kizito Lily and John Lameck….they are however disappointed that they only find me…alah! I am their worm they have to contend with me (the early bird catches the worm donge!) ….i engage them in a short conversation and realize that they come from Nyalenda and Nyamasaria respectively…..

It’s now 9:45 AM Kitabu culture is about to begin my friend…the first one ever of its kind… you can never imagine… beautifully unfolds and it’s amazing.


The opening remarks of the MC (i was the MC by the way)…..’You look like the last book you read’…… (People burst out laughing because probably they cant remember the last time they read a book!)

The Chief steward of ACTS-FT William takes the stage and talks about the Kitabu culture… it began…. hes keen to mention that young adults should be open mindfully ready to learn and inspire wisdom…expose yourself and capture things that you do not know……(wow what a way to begin)

Still on welcoming remarks …looking forward to getting views on your reading culture…the bible is the bestselling book and has the bestselling author. His eloquence is clearly captivating, he finishes and ushers in the keynote speaker;


Main speaker – Madiang Oluoch Daniel – the peasant farmer.

My first time to meet him and I already like him, his oratory skills, he turns out to be a lover of reading and writes a lot. His hobby revolves around photography, farming and you can guess the rest.


He begins his address by giving reference to the ruling of the presidential elections petition. (of course it was about the long verdicts that the bench had to read) He then goes ahead to share his 8 experiences with books. (Mark my words 8 experiences with his books). Do you even own a library? Ha-ha wait a library is a collection of books. So you are safe those two books you borrowed last year still qualify to be a library. In case you missed it here are the 8 goodies.

  1. Respecting books.

As taught to him by his teachers, parents and mentors. He was taught to develop a culture of understanding books…..books are a collection of people’s ideas and thoughts that have been deposited in them. Respecting those who have gone into their wallets and invested in the buying the books. By the way Madiang says ‘Cover your Judgement with books.’


  1. Never read a book just to finish it.

For your information; of making many books there is no end and too much study is weary to the soul. It’s a fact that many have finished books. But how many books have you ever read more than three times and finished.

Oscar Wilde “If you cannot read a book over and over and still enjoy it then it’s not worth reading.”


don’t make reading a punishment

You can actually be reading a part (just a section) of one book and not guilty? Wow it’s not about finishing books. Mr. Peasant farmer made jokes on the academic angle assumed by most people during his time in campus. The bigger the book you had the more serious a reader you were.

You should endeavor to Invest in books; Always carry a book around when traveling, going to school, visiting a relative and so on and so forth.

Your focus should not be bent on finishing a book: harvesting from a book is the thing; something that you may use in your life in years to come.

Challenge; ‘Is there a book you have ever quoted anywhere?’ when you talk or in your normal interactions with people? You better get your hands on gifted hands, rich dad poor dad and apply it in your life. ‘I mean quote’ Understand and apply.


  1. Whatever page you open in a book; even if you took two minutes you will find something that makes sense.

Don’t fear books…how they look, big, small a book is a book. It’s not always about ‘that book is so big! I may never finish it!’

  1. Anytime anywhere is reading time reading place.

People always talk about ‘my weekend read’…when I get time…long post alert…when they think about reading a post, book or article. You should be reminded that only a small part of a whole can be meaningful to you. Always struggle to find the nugget meant for you in every piece of writing. Phones have become our shadows. People who read are stigmatized, ‘ati anajifanya yeye ndio anajua kusoma!’ Sometimes even Matatus have amazing gems to be read. For example an old car written ‘Mzee ni wewe’ KZT 165T. Sometimes it’s the reader to pick the lesson.


Jesus was reading at the synagogue preparing for a three years task. So why not you? Ha-ha at this point I realize that my library is about 20 books. The keynote speaker has a whole 1614 books in his library. I lift up my head across the room and Alas! I am not alone! Ha-ha.


  1. Read widely and read wildly.

Who are you? Are you the type that only reads comics? Are the one who only reads inspirational books? Can you read business materials, politics? Get to the point where you have content to share in any topic raised. The qualities of a reader is information that transforms you and your listeners. At the professional level. Reading many books at the same time is allowed.


For example this is a Cancer awareness month, have you read anything on cancer? Anything about breast cancer.

Challenge: Read things by people you don’t like.

  1. Never read books by your favorite authors.

Stop being cocooned and having a taste for one writer Reading is not a punishment….make reading a reward….not a punishment. We should introduce reading aloud competitions. Some people have very bad habits of not reading all languages. Especially your mother tongue.

Challenge: Make your posts in your mother tongue for a week.


  1. Take time to digest and understand.

There are things you will understand once you stop reading that book. Relax and understand.

  1. Write something to be read.

Finally if we do not write who will people read? The magic of the phone has stolen the beauty of writing. There are a lot of calls for submission for many things online where is your article? Start by writing about your shoes. Then your job, then your friends then you will be writing about everything! Reading and writing go hand in hand.

Challenge: Read more and write more.


Super! and that was how the day went. I am looking forward to seeing you on the next Kitabu Culture event.


Share on the comment box below what books you are currently reading. Viva!





Our Last Hope – 10 million Bound! Peace Campaign.


To reach at least 10 million Kenyans to learn, study and sing the National Anthem prayerfully before and on the 5th of August 2017 @ 12:00 noon and commit to peaceful Coexistence thereafter.

‘Kenya National Anthem’

After our forefathers fought the battles for independence the time came when they realized that healing would required a united spirit spoken in a language common to all. Our forefathers choose “prayer” – they choose to unite our country in prayer to the highest God, our Creator. And with divine wisdom, the national anthem was composed – “O God of all Creation…..”


It speaks to our hearts the truth about what makes us Kenyan – the values we must uphold to look beyond the self-centered ideology of leaders who seek to divide us on ethnicity, gender, religion, literacy and even prosperity.


The national anthem is “our last hope” for peace and unity. When all fails, this prayer for justice will raise our spirits and sober our ambitions. It will help us realize that Kenya is God-given; divine in nature and blessed to prosper.

This July, Kenyans must stand up; “10 million bound”  as indicated in the third stanza line two ‘in common bond united’ to rally a peace agenda anchored on what makes us a great nation; our love for God, our commitment to love one another in the spirit of “Harambee” and our dedication to be outstanding patriots; willing to work hard to prosper our nation and protect our heritage.

We seek an opportunity with the media houses to air this campaign. If you wish to join us in this noble task/movement for peace please partner with us and give support to advertise and create awareness and produce branded T-shirts, wrist bands, flyers and other operational costs

We the citizens of this great nation Kenya must look beyond the politics and speak the truth of our national anthem as “one people”“10 million bound” – for peace : it’s ‘our last hope’.

Facebook page – 10 Million Bound WhatsApp group – 10 Million Bound




As “one people” – “10 million bound”: FOR PEACE, we are calling patriots across the our great nation and beyond our boundaries to rise up in prayer on Saturday 5th August 2017 @ 12 noon to sing the national anthem in victory. On this day Kenyans around the world shall raise our voice in joyful prayer through the words of the 1st stanza of the Kenya National Anthem (wherever you will be!).

Be a part of this great movement!



Additional acts of Solidarity:

We are calling upon all places of worship, institutions, NGO’S, Banks, Supermarkets, CBO’S, Government offices, media houses, primary schools, high schools, Universities, orphanages and individual small groupings to sing the Kenya National Anthem once during each gathering.

We are inviting all members of this movement to wear a “10 million bound” wristband and T-shirt.

If you wish to stand out as a peace Ambassador for this noble campaign please contact  0707644490 and represent your county.

We call upon all Kenyans to pray continually for peaceful campaigns, peaceful voting and a peaceful nation post-election.



1ST July Launch of the campaign
1st – 8th July Extraction of the values of the national anthem.
1st – 20 July Visitations – Public engagement
22nd – 29th July Media houses engagement- expected invitations.
1st July – 5th August Social media engagement/ County Ambassadors
3rd and 4th August #KenyaNationalAnthem_OurLastHope (twitter campaign)
5th August Peace walk – sing the National Anthem @ 12:00 noon.
6th August Post Campaign evaluation.

The campaign is divided into three sections;

  1. Social media Campaigns. (Media Houses)

  2. Visitation/one on one talks.

  3. Peace walk.



The logo was expounded and made clear as follows; Red represents the color of the blood of Jesus Christ as our common Bond. Reminds us of the blood that was shed before independence. The crossed finger in the middle represents peace meaning we say no to violence. The red incomplete circle represents our purpose to actualize the words of the National Anthem third stanza line two ‘in common bond united’ 10 million is the least number of Kenyans expected to be reached by 5th August.

Facebook page – 10 Million Bound WhatsApp group – 10 Million Bound

  • An initiative of _newlogo  in conjunction with the truthhub.png 0707644490 R.S.V.P.


Kenya! my mother land hear my cry! Where did the rain start beating us? Is this where we want to be as a nation? It is quite evident that unity eluded us somewhere and we have to look for it I guess, please go back to the values of our National Anthem, 53 years and it is still the most powerful tool Kenyans ever possessed. The only prayer cum National Anthem. Our ancestors left us with the powerful words of this holy song. Its values clearly inscribed; love, peace, justice, prayerfulness, hard work, inclusivity, patriotism, service, thanksgiving… and I could go on and on to remind you that every word of the Anthem is sacred. Why did we stop teaching our children and the generations after us these values?


Why did we stop embracing diversity? What happened to the spirit of ‘Harambee!’ when every Kenyan ‘in common bond united’ would have one voice ‘all in one accord’ and nothing would stop us to achieve our national goals on development. The war against the colonialists is a testimony. I fear we might have missed it somewhere! Blood was shed by our ancestors that we may have peace today, why fight again today? Why shed more blood today?

Hear my cry! Oh Kenya! Have we had enough of peace? Have peace concerts as many as possible, rally behind peace ambassadors and let’s pursue UNITY. We have every tool we need to campaign for peace, if we spend all our lifetime campaigning for our favorite candidates in every electioneering period when will we advocate and teach the spirit of togetherness? My sentiment is that lets heal our own wounds before we wound others the more. Teach each other the value of peace, civic education is key. Everyone has a right to vote. They need to know how to do it. Let’s preach the gospel of peace.


In addition, we have to go online and infest the network with the message of love. Why? That is where it all begins. We kill each other online before we actually actualize it physically. My stand remains as long as I live the common bond is our only hope.

Well, all is not lost! Let’s roll up our sleeves and pursue peace, peace within, peace with one another and restore ‘the glory of Kenya’ ‘a heritage of splendor’ and ‘the fruits of our labor fill every heart with thanksgiving’. Let’s endeavor to be just and fair in all we say and do for it is the beginning of Peace, love and Unity.





Things happen so fast, I must admit. At one point you are in the kindergarten crying all the way to school sometimes only a shilling to buy ice makes you dry your tears. At another, you are in a Primary School struggling with peer pressure, adolescence and gik makamago! Then this high school thing ha-ha you try to let go all the bad behaviors you can possibly dream of, your best friends really have a say in how your life is lived and you don’t even realize it, few years fly and you cannot imagine when you finally get to campus and there you are, a FRESHER! At this point, the reality hits you that you are no longer a child, adulthood looks at you right in the face and you start an independent life (not really independent – you still depend on HELB and your parents weekly stipend). Trying to manage your little resources (money) that no one taught you how to become the order of the day. You are literally in the school of life because it is now that it dawns on you that you might never be the Pilot you wanted to be while in Primary school. The freedom you have now suddenly blinds you and you could make one or two mistakes that you will live to remember the rest of your life.  Movies, series and events become part of your life and weeks pass by quickly, you sit for your exams and off you go back home. As if that is not enough, you come back to your alma Mata running up and down east and west, cats and dogs ( of course you know I don’t mean it) trying to get cleared so you finally finish off campus life and there you go the JOB MARKET! Wait! Before that you organize a very big party like the one Jesus had with His disciples on that last night on those upper chambers, all in the name of finishing 8-4-4 and having that (kapeper ya degree)


Soon, you hit the road running after jobs, from one to another, from low paying ones to very little paying jobs. At this point you are either walking with a portfolio with your C.V ready to drop them to the next HR office. Other online applications are ready on your phone and at the click of a button they are sent (by the way don’t choose a job some of us have studied things that were never our purposes in campus, nevertheless destiny is never stolen from you only God can change your destiny). The very first job you land should be done with all your heart and soul and soon God will entrust you with a bigger and more) in the movie ‘spider man” the director says, with great power comes great responsibility and I agree. Seek volunteer opportunities, apply for those jobs you personally feel you don’t qualify, stay humble, submit to your bosses and stick to law number one of power.

At some point you feel like giving up and this is when you realize how real life is, that the inflation in the economy characterized by the rise in the cost of Unga can actually pinch you. That you can no longer have the group mentality you had in campus that you could ask your friend to sign for you( for those who had group discussions in Campus life) That your concern for political issues suddenly goes up, your opinion is wildly sought after and that you matter to politicians ( I won’t tell you why). This is the moment you either get closer to your God or further deviation is witnessed from your creator. At this point all your senses are accustomed and you get used to the fact that change is inevitable and the only constant thing is change.


Paul Angone my favorite millennial blogger and life coach will tell you that there are things if you do not do them when they were supposed to be done you will never do them again especially personal development and professional engagement. He puts it clearly that when you will be at your late years, you will look back and wish you did the things you never did in your twenties. You know; things like making new friends, learning new skills, visiting new places, dating, going on road trips with friends, attending parties, driving, playing your favorite sport just to mention a few. Wait! I forgot getting employed or just working as a volunteer. Simply put, there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1), the season may come and pass without your realization just be wise and know what season you are in. Life is in stages please don’t jump the ladder.

All these come back to one thing WORK; either you are employed and working for somebody or you are employed working for yourself. The thin line between an ordinary employee and the C.E.O is simply the skills of strategic thinking. The distance between where you are and where you want to go is determine by what you are doing now. Are you IDLE!! Go get some work! Young people should never be idle, they should at least be busy if not in the garden, assisting their fathers in the office, volunteering in hospital, having pro bono experiences or simply building their empires. People have walked out of campus owning briefcase companies, huge businesses, startups and unguided entrepreneurial ideas and others have walked out of campus only to start looking for what they want in life. I will not ask you what category you belong. I guess you already know that “Life is work and work is good. Gods work.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)


The reason why many millennials never achieve anything all their lives is because they spend all their lives wishing, imagining and dreaming of their future yet they miss out on the key thing. Every dream, thought, imagination must be followed by an action in order to be realized. This is not always easy is you asked a millennial. How many times have we promised to start that project of ours? Statements like “this year I must start a serious business”, “this year I will lose weight ”, “this month I must move into my new house” “next month I will resign from my job” “I will improve my grades” are not new to millennials anymore, yes those are very good thinking about yourself but what are you doing? What is the action plan?

I only need to go through your last year’s resolutions and I will predict 97% of what you will write down as your new year’s resolution in 2018. (Trust me am not a magician). It’s because every word we speak or write most of the time is hindered by one big word ACTION. We are blinded by the comfort of our current situations until moving on, upgrading, changing and re positioning becomes an issue. Be sure at the time you are reading this post, it has taken more than two weeks from the time it was meant to be posted. It’s time to kiss ‘comfort zone’ goodbye. I am ready, are you ready?


The difference between dreamers and achievers is one thing; they are doers, they do what they say they will do with the person they said they would do it with at the said time of ACTION. Last week I read a post from Sarah Munyi’s Change to excellence in 14 days online training platform that said: “Knowledge is power but real power is applied knowledge” we have to apply every good thoughts that we have always had about ourselves. We have to release our full potential before we die, like Myles Munroe said in his book, the grave must be the richest place on earth, with billionaires that never were, entrepreneurs who never implemented their dreams: Maze! Bado nasema joh! Kiss that ‘comfort zone’ a good “Good goodbye”

Through Sarah Munyi’s teachings I have learnt to get off my comfort zone; a plan backed by action makes your dream come true. Last two weeks have been a milestone for me because I have taken into action my long time planned things and you don’t want to know the joy of just knowing you jumped off the comfort zone! By the way don’t mind where you fall just get off the comfort zone! It might be a softer landing, a hard landing, or you may never land but trust you me it is way better than staying at your comfort zone. As I type this article some of my worst fears of getting off the comfort have been automatically dealt with. Some mountains in your life are meant to move you into ACTION not to be moved. Just be prepared because for every new move there is a new affliction but with a new Grace and a new opportunity to trust in God more.

comfort zone.jpg

Remember if you do not step forward you will always remain in the same position. See you in your next landing as you get off your comfort zone!!



CORRuption spoken word- change begins with you.

Since i posted this, i have a strong feeling that we need to pull together to fight corruption. I may be a weak one but you are strong, and together we can win this war. Let us not go into war with fear, POWER does not corrupt perhaps it is fear that does that. #ONWARD


(Agatha) ‘Hey young man, what is bothering you?’

(Nelson) Oh, God of all creation, bless this our land and nation…justice be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity and peace without CORRUption!!!!
Look up from your delusion, this is not an optical illusion, can’t you see you are bleeding because of CORRUPTION? Do we want a solution? Then we must make a resolution of delineation from this vice C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N.


(Agatha) ‘You are making noise!’

What happened to you? You were once beautiful, a country with peace love and unity. It was not until you met this guy CORRUPTION. Oh I remember, when the white men, the colonizers left our country greed filed the hearts of the rich and they grabbed the best vast lands leaving the poor with nothing. They drove Range Rovers and created roads on our pieces of land (squatters). Kenya! I long for the days…

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I know you expected me to write something about an aspirant here, oops! I have better things to do, like jog your mind a bit on authentic leadership. As you can see there isn’t a poster here. Just read on dear friend.


Today everyone wants a good leader but not everyone is willing to be the good leader, everything under the sun has a counterfeit. Whether you like or not there are two things I am sure you cannot fake, first is a vision and number two is your passion. Authenticity is about real vs fake. Are you an authentic leader or a fake one? As I said you know better. You can only fool some people some of the times but not everybody every time. You can try but after some few days we will catch up with you like our ancestors did with those who failed to keep the oil skin of the house strictly for the house.

Man is by nature a political animal.

Writing very many good things about an aspiring leader does not make him/her good. Neither does writing so many bad things about a leader make him/her bad. But taking time with this fellow and getting to know them makes the difference. I have learnt in my political endeavors never to judge a book by its cover (though it’s hard in politics) I have tried not to push people away because of divergent ideologies. Instead I have learnt to embrace every other intellectual mind and heard of their side of the story.

An authentic leader must learn to fight political bigotry. I am a strong believer in potential, skills and destiny. Fresh blood must be accommodated. If one is destined for greatness then others can only watch him or her climb the ladder of success. I am so particular with leaders who take advantage of their subjects, promise heaven and deliver hell. God will infect punish you.


This leader must have the ardent desire to serve his/her people. There must be servant hood before leadership. True leaders don’t invest in buildings. They invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. Your legacy should not be in programs or projects, your legacy must be in people. After all Jesus said whoever wants to be great must become a servant. If you have not worked on this part start now. Servant leadership can never be faked.



A great and authentic leader must embrace the skill of communication. He/she must make sure that people understand not only what he/she says but also what he/she means. It is the ability to listen not to reply but to understand others. People must be understood and not misunderstood if a leader is to stand high and not stoop too low. Developing these aspects of communication takes a lot of time, patience and hard work. I would rather develop myself as a leader.

Leadership is not the only way to personal development my friend. Donge!! But personal development is the only way to leadership. Don’t wait to get that position to start developing yourself (Kwani how many leaders are out there serving without positions yet their impact cannot be ignored) start with yourself and very soon when your time comes you will never be irrelevant. So just be hungry for power but ask yourself if you got what it takes to lead a people so mighty, some so intelligent, some are waiting for you to deliver on your promises. (Nothing as deadly as a people so pregnant with hope getting let down by a leader they trusted.)


That brings me to my third and last concern for today, an authentic leader must restore, bring, and nurture hope where hope is no more. (You can ask Bonny and Chalinga). Courage must be instilled in the people who look up to you as a leader. An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. This is why comrades must always be careful not to elect into positions leaders who are on the inside very cowardly and full of selfish ambitions. We have been told, we have heard and we have experienced, what more would we want in order to understand that an authentic leader must be distinguished from the followers. No matter who you are you have the nature and capacity for leadership. Discover yourself. I wish you all a peaceful election. We shall celebrate with you.


Lee Empire.





My favorite quote ‘Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone expects of you.’  Henry Ward.


The pillar of my blog.

Expectations, the assumptions and the presumptions. Everybody expects us to be perfect. (Ha-ha) They press so hard until it becomes a deception. Don’t live their expectations. You are perfect just the way you are. I refuse to have a people pleasing-envious heart. Like it or not, that’s the Eagle pride. (Truth without Photoshop)


Today my motivation is to write something I have wanted to write about some eight hours ago, perhaps this is one of those articles written at the wee hours…a little special attention to it. Have you ever had an idea come in your mind? But when you look around you, no phone no book no pen to write it down? This is one of them. (Then you are forced to get off bed and do something on your laptop before it disappears, and by the way averagely we have around 60000-80000 thoughts so if I dint grab this one I would have lost it.) Always write down your thoughts they could be your solution if acted on. It could be the NBT (Next Big Thing). In fact genius does not get you anywhere, execution does.


Now back to what we talking about. We have been deceived by the Society, laughed at by our failures. Sometimes living with concealed bitterness, regret, hatred that takes us nowhere. Today I have an encouragement for you. They won’t love you for being yourself, they won’t tolerate you for saying the truth, they won’t accept you for jumping off your comfort zone or for having a contrary opinion to theirs but you know what just be yourself. (Mindset.) Let’s see the eagle pride in a newer perspective.

The EAGLE: can fly without flapping their big and huge wings, the have to learn to conserve their energy (haha) that’s it don’t always argue with negative people learn to conserve your energy, the more value you have, the more your silence increases. (Coins make more noise than notes, I dint create that)


The eagle fly alone at very high altitude dear (brother/sister). Your attitude determines your altitude. Stay away from people with negative attitude because you will always sore at their level. Let nobody bring you as low as hating them. You are way above that. (Now this is powerful).

The Eagle has a strong vision. (Eyesight) oh my! You gota have a vision. (donge!) They are go-getters…if you are one like me feel good and smile. (On my earlier articles I wrote about putting down your dreams/ vision on paper. Habakkuk of the Bible was told so, that all might see it and run that read it. Don’t lose focus of the antelope because of a dangling squirrel. Stay true to your dreams even when you see things are not working out. Focus. (You may also read my previous article ‘it’s about time’).

The Eagle does not eat dead things. Fresh is the word. I don’t know if you are still holding on to dead things. A relationship that did not work, people who don’t add value to your life, a job that does not motivate you every morning to run to office, a habit that you fear stopping. Man, move on to a fresh new thing. Develop a sixth sense of dropping old habits and clinging on good fresh ones. (Old stuff are for other birds)


The Eagle really loves the Storm. (yawa!) Hehe personally I fear storms, but these are what make us the iron ladies and the Macho men. Be sure that whatever storm you are in might be for your elevation. God promises us that everything happens for the good of those who love Him. The storm makes the Eagle go higher than it would. You will emerge stronger, more patient, more loving, more cheerful and more appreciative of life after every storm. Love Storms of life. (They are just too many to be ignored) Don’t hide from storms like other birds.

The eagle lays its eggs where no predator can reach. (Not even you).  Always on very high grounds, perhaps on top of cliffs. For that matter cursed is the man who puts his trust on man. Trust the Higher authority Jesus. Put all your wealth where no predator can reach. (Heaven) Put all your hopes in Jesus Christ man. A friend of mine used to tell us back in high school that when they say , ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket,’ defy it and put all your eggs in one and watch it keenly. Mark Oyieyo. (My school captain back then) that one basket is Christ Jesus, He never disappoints.


Now this last one, an Eagle grows old and undergoes renewal of its feathers, it plucks all of it, hides until new ones have grown. There are some new skills you need. Let go of the old ways of doing things. As we advance to a techish world, IT skills, inventions, embrace change because you will come back stronger newer as the eagle. Always hide your projects until they are ready for the world to see. Ofcourse expect critics. You could be the NBT. ( Mtaka unda haneni) for translation hit the comment box below.

As I wrap it all remember, you are the Eagle. Don’t forget that. Replace the word Eagle with your name in any line of this article and hit the comment box with it. And remember the Eagle pride. The eagle is a bird Created by God just like you, it did not make itself. It comes with its own bragging rights.

Have your own bragging rights, know your worth, add value and put tax on it. No one is allowed to belittle you. You can only do that to yourself.


Hold yourself to a higher standard than any human being expects of you. Only God’s thoughts of you are way above what you can imagine. All that we are is not by our own might nor power but by the spirit of the Lord. Zechariah 4:6. (Learn to appreciate that and live with it.) Thank you for reading. Share if you love.


You are very rich.


Hi guys, i hope you are fine. Its been long since you heard from me. (as some of you kept asking me why i haven’t dropped something here.) I guess i have been very busy. But you know that I cant be too busy to write. In fact that brings me to what i want to talk  about. Time. ‘Time is money’, Benjamin Franklin.This new month perhaps you are saying, i will accomplish what i had not done in July. Your only excuse perhaps is that you did not have time.

The truth is, if Franklin’s ideology  is to go by, the all of us are 86400 seconds 1440 minutes and 24 hours RICH. That is just in a day.                    ddd        Now let me share what i went through during my Industrial attachment period because i know you will learn from it. That fateful morning, i woke up as usual but rather later than my normal waking up time. (don’t worry, i sleep after you sleep and wake up before you wake up, its a principle.) I immediately turned to a rush mode when i remembered i had an appointment.’Lets meet in the office at 8 o’clock i have some work for you and your colleagues’  My Director had said the previous evening.

Ha! as much as i did everything like a superman, i tell you i got to the office thirty minutes late. The first thing was to be excluded from the list of those who were going out for field work. (My Job involves a lot of fieldwork) Second, my director now had a view of me as a person who can’t keep time. (But sir, its only thirty minute! i come from far! The vehicle i was using broke down. I gave all excuses) The director smiled and off we went to the field. (this i should not tell you but i was paid less than those early birds) I think the director who is my good friend wanted me to learn something. That something i indeed learned and learned it very well. Pick something too.

  1. First, Time is the most valuable asset you got. Prioritize ruthlessly the things that you give your time. My mentor says that if something is not important don’t give it your time. Things like worrying should not eat your time. Use your time well rather than spend it.
  2. Every second of your life should be used in doing something effective or constructive. Sometimes during my Industrial attachment i spent time in front of the desktop. What i was doing was not effective, was not adding value, giving cash at all. I changed and started feeding my mind. Learned how to use some basic software using the YouTube tutorials. By the way remember  Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.That is just an example.I later made some money by using the software to serve clients online.
  3. Know when to start and when to stop. I simply mean that as you begin to work on a project or doing anything. Be it going out with friends, fieldwork, watching constructive movies. The bottom line is know when to stop. Even God began on the first day and ended or rested on the seventh day.
  4. Last but not least, i also learned that time waits for no man. I you want something go for it right now. Because twenty years from now you will become more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the things that you did, so throw off the bowlines,sail away from the safe harbor catch the trade winds in your sails, dream discover and explore. Especially if you are young like me. (haha)


So now you know why you are very RICH and please don’t get me wrong remember time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn.

I am now writing staff (skills and experience gained throughout this period)  on my log book, ready to leave this office because my time here is expired perhaps this is the right time to leave. To go out and do something else. Skills are good, invest your time in gaining skills because they save you in the future. Always be nice to your bosses no matter how hard they are on you, create useful connections before you leave their offices. They will always remember you for your skills.One thing i learned during my Industrial attachment period is that if someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes and learn how to do it later.

As you begin this lovely month AUGUST please let me congratulate you because you are rich. (only and only if you will invest in your time well)

Also check your company this month too will influence a lot

See you soon. Please drop a comment below.


1st June


Commit yourself to a lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it.This quote by Brian Tracy is the first thing I see when I look at my phone (with one eye closed) to check the time. Don’t worry I got an app that sends me quotes on my phone every morning. No every hour. ‘Am not even sure about that’ Oh its six o’clock my eyes still heavy probably it’s because am aww! Today is 1st June. It’s a holiday.

I change my mind on getting out of bed but then I realize it’s time to thank God for the far we I have come. ‘A common phrase but real powerful’ He is indeed Ebenezer.

Then it dawns on me that I am in the middle of the year. Jeez! After a serious prayer session, I begin to ponder on my achievements so far. I think am not doing bad especially now that all my New Year resolutions changed to God let your will be done. Ha-ha! It’s not that I became reckless naah! I just learnt Proverbs 16:9. (You can read it on your Bible don’t be lazy).

I slowly get up from ‘the bed’ to confirm if indeed it’s a holiday. (You know my mind sometimes plays tricks on me) I switch on the TV and thus indeed confirming its Madaraka day! (It’s a Kenyan holiday) it’s all in the headlines, these people at the TV station all talking about today. (Don’t they have better things to do?) At least I don’t have to struggle with options on where to attend the celebrations, (Afraha Stadium or Uhuru park wherever!). Of course if I had a choice you probably can guess where I would go. Today is indeed a holiday because I have decided to stay in the house and just read my books. (ahem am not reading for exams there is one I just found in the house called ‘why you are broke yet blessed’ by Maurice Oloo that I had not found time to read).


My instincts tell me that I still have to get to the office. I have to finish some job before I can officially start my holiday. I take a quick shower take tea and just as I am about to leave the house, my phone rings, it dint actually ring ‘it’s on automatic silent mode’ some situations you are forced to be in because your phone is too old and probably still got no money to buy another one. (That look on your face!, am not using an old Siemens phone for God’s sake, I will hide the identity of the phone perhaps it’s your dream phone and I don wana discourage mtoto wa wenyewe. Indeed it’s an upgrade your phone week on Jumuia maybe I could buy a new one.) ‘Hey umefika wapi’ my colleague Opondo asks. ‘On my way Buda’ typical of a young Kenyan man. I find my way on a holiday to the office. Hehe I mean on a holiday! Meeen! Nobody is at the offices except the gateman who is a very close ally of mine. It’s a public holiday in a public office. Funny!

Then I realize that I do not have the keys. My friend who called had not even arrived. (A lesson to learn here, always call anyone you having an appointment with one hour before you are even ready yourself. This will help them keep time and not waste your time. Time is money, don’t spend it use it wisely. But remember to always commit to the time you both agree to meet) he has the key!

I have to wait for him of course. I chat with the gateman for some time and then finally switch to the antisocial behavior (like you always do) my phone, I find myself going through a conversation of a very close friend and i. My whatsapp always reminds me of loyal friends, the conversation is lengthy but funny enough I am deeply engrossed as if I were reading for exams. Then I come across a text I forwarded to this anonymous friend before. I know you want to know what it was all about but relax. Throughout the convo I realise that sometimes I was mad, sending rude texts, sometimes my friend would do the same.(but what are friends for anyway) then I get to understand that there are friends with whom you will always fight but still will always stand by you.

I know you might read this here(funny) but the text that caught my eyes up there was about two friends walking through the desert and at some point they had an argument then one slapped the other. The one who is slapped writes it on the sand. And they move on, after sometime she gets stack in the mire, the friend helps her and she writes it on the stone. Moral of the story, always forget the wrongs people do to you as the wind erases the writing on the sand, but remember the good that people do to you as on the stone it is never erased.


You can enjoy your holiday if you want to. It’s your choice but remember


Commit yourself to a lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it. (we acha nimalize job nianze holiday) Habakkuk 2:3 vision half way.