If you loved everyone you met, you’d be married by now. Perhaps it never worked out.There’s nothing wrong with trying people out and others on because they each had a purpose, each one teaching you something about yourself.

Just because they aren’t in your life anymore doesn’t mean they weren’t meant to visit. Pick that which is relevant and move on. We all have that person whom we love now, but took years to truly get to know. It takes a few wrong first impressions to learn never to rely entirely on them.

Always appreciate those people who break your heart because in one way or the other they teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Atleast just like a mirror anybody hhandling you in the future will have to be really careful. I dont regret and no hard feelings for people who hurt in the past because they came and left. That means they were not meant to stay. but i learnt what was meant to be learned when they came into my life(moved on). Unfortunately, relationships come and go, and just because you were friends in your 20s doesn’t mean you’ll have the same relationship in your 30s.
Your 20s are about growing and changing and that also includes shedding a few friendships.


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