Today unlike any other day I wake up unusually very early…i wake up with optimism..i guess its Going to be one of my best days. No it’s not just a normal day, its my birthday!!! I remember that I have finally hit the mark. The journey has just began. I have to change a lot of things about me. I make a prayer of course from my bed. I make an unusual prayer. This time I am acting Solomon, because i ask God for wisdom to take me through my twenties. I remember my slogan WAKE UP DRESS UP AND SHOW UP.…I get out of bed and rush to shower, afterwards I dress up and take tea and run towards the gate with my bag on my back. Some paces from the gate, I enter the bus and two things catch my attention. First, the music that is being played, two some young school boy also probably going to school at that early hour of the day. I am impressed at the size of the back pack he is carrying. The size of that bag makes it look like a “head pack” if there is such a name. The size of the bag without second thoughts is not proportionate to the boy’s size. The boy is (let me call him Steve) so tiny that you would pity him too. Lets get back to the music. The music is not so loud and as i sit back i feel it run deep through my ears to my nerves. The artist probably uses repetition to make it interesting. The song is about God coming to visit me(singer) again just as He visited Paul and Silas in prison. Now you can picture the mood the song brings in the bus. Then suddenly the tout burst into laughter, he literally makes makes everybody’s attention divert to Steve as Steve finally alights from the bus with his heavy “head pack” and I look through the window to see his cross the road to the other side struggling to get to school fast. Every other passenger gets overjoyed looking at him then a thought strikes my mind. My cousin called Tim was seated next to me, he was probably same age with Steve but nobody realized that he had a rather small bag…I knew perfectly well that he always left all the others in school in a locker. Then i realized that all of us have burdens, its only that some of us decide to let their burdens be like Tim, some struggle to go wherever they go with loads of burdens like Steve. Wow! there you go, this is my day and you cant spoil it!!! What have you achieved in your 20s? Tell me please. I want to do something better in this age bracket…something that Steve Jobs did…Something to be remembered for. Wish you an Unspoiled day!

“It is easy to tell the toiler How best he can carry his pack But no one can rate a burden’s weight Until it has been on his back” ― Ella Wheeler Wilcox


2 thoughts on “I CANT LET YOU SPOIL MY DAY

  1. Nelson thats a bright way to start your twenties. Welcome to the club twenties n tred with care coz this is where we make or break our future.


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