Writing about this may make me remember the painful moments in my life. I could also write on behalf of a very close friend of mine. Are you ready to experience this? You may end up crying so i will ask you again are you ready to go on?

Because you have insisted, here it goes, my life was a fairy tale. All good without bad. It was too good to believe. My parents were vividly more than lovely. I never lacked anything. Name it, home was like paradise. I was the only child, the apple of their eyes. I never knew the other side of the coin.(life of lack)

I went to the best of the best schools, life was fine fine fine. God was too good to me sometimes i failed to realize the difference it would make if he took away everything like Job.

Sob! Sob! Sob! I cant go on. What happened to me at the age of seven is not a story you would want to hear. Please allow me to put a full stop here.

Anyway i could go on if i wanted to, but my tears are blocking my eyes. i cant see what i am typing. My heart is growing heavier and heavier. That night, Sob! Sob! i arrived home alone. my class teacher had given me a lift and dropped me at our gate after my mom, my lovely mom had failed to pick me up. Every other student had gone home and i was the only student still in school. I put my bag down ready to pick up a fight with whoever i would find home.

Unfortunately the house was so quiet, it was a silence of the cemetery in the wee hours of the night. What i saw left me shocked till today. i was left rooted on the ground i could not move neither my legs nor open my mouth. I did not know weather to cry or die.

Sob! Sob! they had gone. they left without a warning. There, see there, my parents …my parents…Sob! Sob!gone too soon

To be continued…


I hope you now know the real meaning of losing someone. Brought you close to death mmmm? Please leave a comment.


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