Three songs i love.

wow, there are lots and lots of songs in my mind right now. i have listened to many songs, some i did just to get the beats part of it. Others were because i was bored others because i found the intro interesting. to be honest i listen to a variety o music but those that make me feel uplifted are gospel songs. The top three could be these after a struggle to choose from my long lists but i promise you that the lists changes every now and then.Here i am by Hillsong and Change my heard oh Lord by Robby Duke and finally Here i am to worship by Michael w Smith.


The first song in my list is a song called Change my heart oh Lord by Robby Duke. The first time i heard the song, i fell on my knees and cried. I realized God really needed to change my heart. perhaps give me a new one.I was alone in the house and i got hit that day i sang the song the whole day. It still ministers to me up to date.

The second song is Here i am Lord, this one like the first song is more of a submission song. god is asking for a messenger, whom to send. The song has taught me the virtue of submission. to accept every duty every task that the lord puts in my heart. I would really recommend it to you guys really please find time and listen to the song.

last but not least dear reader is a song that says, here i am to worship, here i am to bow down here i am to say that you are my King. I do not intend to write the lyrics here because i am tempted to do so. You  realize now that i chose songs that minister to my heart. I pray that the same songs minister to you too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and may you like and follow my blog and get on the inspiration lane.

have a good day wont you.


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