This guy amazes me…

Today’s task about a character building…the most interesting person i have met this year. I will of course write about my mentor.

I was just fresh from High School and had found myself in the first semester of my first year. We went home for a long vacation and at first i felt i would be wasted without a job. Fortunately one morning i receive a call from one of my High School teachers and lucky me i was being called for a job.

I am just about to tell you how i met my mentor. I reported to school on a Monday. All the students knew, my journey to the staff room became longer as i had to stop every time just to talk to the young boys. I guess it was my passion i loved talking to them and letting them know what would become of the once they got out of School. It was an assembly day. Something that i avoided and waited patiently for the teachers in the staff room.

After the assembly i greeted almost all the teachers except those who were rushing to class probably because the assembly had eaten into class time. Just to come to the main point i met my mentor in the same school. It was a Sunday, the prefects council had a leadership training in which i had been invited to speak since i had been in the previous council during my time in school. Apart from my English teacher the other two speakers were completely new to me.

This guy Mbugua, I heard him speak for the first time and i knew he was going to be my mentor. I was not going to tell him. This guy had something i admired. So eloquent, full of wisdom, creative, funny, and would leave you feeling like you want to be a better person after his speech.

That is how we met. In a training. Motivational talk brought us together. This guy amazes me. He has the presence of God, he has a good job a lovely family. One wife two kids. I admire a lot about this guy. My mentor.

The most interesting person i have met this year is my mentor. We hang out together. He encourages me. He makes me want to be a better person. Maybe become better than he is.

That was it!! please what should i improve on in my writing?


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