Edited after a powerful revelation on the Love of God. Charity may not mean love. The intention matters more to God than the act itself. We love Him because he first loved us. God himself teaches us to love. We are just mare mortals.



I woke up feeling tired ‘kidogo tu haha’ especially after a very long, full-of-fun academic trip which was my best ever since I got to campus. Anyway that aside, this month is very special to me. I know it is to you too. I got out of bed ready to face the day. Of course there being no class to attend today, first stop was at the library. A friend of mine comes and says ‘what are you reading’ then she whispers ‘it’s a month of love’ and walks away. That sent me down the memory lane ‘thinking’. That will be my point of reference.


This month is significant to me for two reasons; one, it’s the month I was born ‘a month of birth’. True and I quote ‘it takes 20 years to make a man’ Secondly ‘it’s a month of love’ if I hit you religiously, emotionally, economically, touch on your faith or whatever angle I take please don’t mind, just forgive me it’s a month of love. I still believe you will enjoy reading.

Love is important especially to human beings. Robots cannot enjoy love. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. At least I do, if you don’t mm its okay! God is love and love is of God. If you get this right then you will never go wrong loving others. I know love is a gift from God, perfectly shown through His son Jesus Christ. Why do you want to pretend that you know how to love only in February? Where have you been all these other months?

Men and women, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, (I hope you have not been left out) are planning or simply have planned on how to spend money on the 14th of this month. Either on their spouses, girlfriends, ‘side chic’, friends or whatever it is. I don’t care it’s your money. I hope ‘Njaanuary’ did not eat all your money.

From a planning point of view, it’s good I don’t dispute. Please put it into perspective how many street urchins, homeless children, particular friends, ‘name them’ who are both hungry for food and ‘LOVE’. UH! Please make this a month of love. Share the love with the needy. Make a little heaven down here. I know it’s hard to love with the sincerity love deserves. We are humans but showing some love this month won’t hurt an inch.


If you have this one person in mind who has always made your heart skip a beat, please don’t miss this chance to express your feelings this month. At least the Coca-Cola guys have made it easy. It does not have to be on 14th naaah! Spend a lot of time with the people you love, if they have never known how much you hold them please let them know. For that reason let me just tell you that I treasure you. Taking your time to read, like and follow and share my blog means a lot to me. Please feel appreciated. Haha love in the air.

My desire is that your budget this month will not be entirely about you and the people you love. The true measure of a man is how he treats people who literally do not deserve a drop of love from them. How are you going to treat your enemy this month? It could be a perfect opportunity to make a friend out of an enemy. It has happened to me. Little surprise gifts have a way of making it work.

Put it into perspective, you have to let go of bitterness. SSL- show some love. Anybody who is bitter with anyone is harboring unforgiveness in their hearts. “In fact, not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.” – Anne Lamott. In that case I forgive you, because I know you will forget to share my blog. Haha remember it’s a month of love.


In my perspective, love is an action, not many words in writing, speech or on social media. You can easily know someone who loves you and one who pretends to love you. Love is very original, from God Himself. Everything that is original has a counterfeit. Take care this month not to find yourself in the fake love of humans. If I were to go by the word in 1 Corinthians 13 (the chapter of love), Then we have all failed to love. Our generational perspective on love is completely the opposite. Try reading that chapter this month and find out the truth about this thing called love. I dare you.

Hey! Hey! Before you share this, remember this is a month of love. I want to wish you the very best and be assured lots of love from me. Mh! And don’t forget it’s my birthday


month. SMSL- show me some love haha and send me those gifts.

Please comment in the comment box by typing how you say I love you in your mother tongue.

Signed Yours in Love,




  1. Well done neleon asira. love is God and God is love, I like that part and the one that says unforgiveness is like taking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die


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