I have recently had my lowest moments and the funny thing is that some of my closest friends were more or less in the same mood. so who is to encourage who? haha until i read my blog i was almost giving up. But now i will not let go. Feel encouraged as you read. i just had to reblog this. Have a blessed day.


How are you doing, its long since i had this quiet moment just to jot my mind on this PC. I  echo these words of a great man of God ‘never give up, be of good courage my son’ These were the words that almost always keep me going. through thick and thin, through rough and smooth, through hard and easy through simple and complicated moments of my life. My father reminded me almost everyday that life will not be easy but what will make the difference is those moments that i will rise to the occasion and face my problems as a man.

Have you ever wondered why you held onto or remained standing during a tough time? well maybe because you had a reason, a force, a belief or some amazing feeling that at the end all will be well. Sawa, let me remind you that someone somewhere…

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