CORRuption spoken word- change begins with you.

(Agatha) ‘Hey young man, what is bothering you?’

(Nelson) Oh, God of all creation, bless this our land and nation…justice be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity and peace without CORRUption!!!!
Look up from your delusion, this is not an optical illusion, can’t you see you are bleeding because of CORRUPTION? Do we want a solution? Then we must make a resolution of delineation from this vice C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N.


(Agatha) ‘You are making noise!’

What happened to you? You were once beautiful, a country with peace love and unity. It was not until you met this guy CORRUPTION. Oh I remember, when the white men, the colonizers left our country greed filed the hearts of the rich and they grabbed the best vast lands leaving the poor with nothing. They drove Range Rovers and created roads on our pieces of land (squatters). Kenya! I long for the days nobody bothered about my surname! Nor judged me by the color of my skin. Where did the rain begin to beat us?
Just the other day I applied for a job. Little did I know that the job had been advertised for formality, is it a normality? Or an abnormality? I was sent away with my qualifications after my automatic disqualification. I did not get the job because I could not afford C-H-A-I. CHAI! All the others had given out H-O-N-G-O. HONGO!

Embrace corruption, know people, you will never survive without corruption! Be happy!
Be happy?


(Nelson) Eish!You say be happy! I cannot be happy, the only people in my life were killed during the post-election violence, my wife was shot three times, and youths carried Rungus and Pangas surrounded my home and my land was taken away from me. Now I am here as a refugee, no life no future no hope. All these because of CORRUPTION. The same people were never penalized, they are now enjoying the money allocated for my relocation. We do not receive even a cent. Oh! Kenya!

(Nelson and Agatha)

All I see is WEALTH
WEALTH without works,
All I see is BUSINESS
BUSINESS without ethics
All I see is PLEASURE
PLEASURE without morality
All I see is SCIENCE,
SCIENCE without humanity
All I see is EDUCATION
EDUCATION without character
All I see is POLITICS
POLITICS without policy,
All I see is RELIGION
RELIGION without sacrifice.

(Nelson) Look here Kenya! I have a recommendation, because this nation, will find its redemption in the realization that corruption is a vice. All am asking for is your submission to this vision and mission to fight corruption.



As performed by Nelson and Agatha @ Varsity Plaza Kisumu.

Be the change you want to be. Use this link and be part of the global youth network against corruption.I want to be the change i want to see. Once on the site click on join us and be a member.

Also see spoken word



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