1st June


Commit yourself to a lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it.This quote by Brian Tracy is the first thing I see when I look at my phone (with one eye closed) to check the time. Don’t worry I got an app that sends me quotes on my phone every morning. No every hour. ‘Am not even sure about that’ Oh its six o’clock my eyes still heavy probably it’s because am aww! Today is 1st June. It’s a holiday.

I change my mind on getting out of bed but then I realize it’s time to thank God for the far we I have come. ‘A common phrase but real powerful’ He is indeed Ebenezer.

Then it dawns on me that I am in the middle of the year. Jeez! After a serious prayer session, I begin to ponder on my achievements so far. I think am not doing bad especially now that all my New Year resolutions changed to God let your will be done. Ha-ha! It’s not that I became reckless naah! I just learnt Proverbs 16:9. (You can read it on your Bible don’t be lazy).

I slowly get up from ‘the bed’ to confirm if indeed it’s a holiday. (You know my mind sometimes plays tricks on me) I switch on the TV and thus indeed confirming its Madaraka day! (It’s a Kenyan holiday) it’s all in the headlines, these people at the TV station all talking about today. (Don’t they have better things to do?) At least I don’t have to struggle with options on where to attend the celebrations, (Afraha Stadium or Uhuru park wherever!). Of course if I had a choice you probably can guess where I would go. Today is indeed a holiday because I have decided to stay in the house and just read my books. (ahem am not reading for exams there is one I just found in the house called ‘why you are broke yet blessed’ by Maurice Oloo that I had not found time to read).


My instincts tell me that I still have to get to the office. I have to finish some job before I can officially start my holiday. I take a quick shower take tea and just as I am about to leave the house, my phone rings, it dint actually ring ‘it’s on automatic silent mode’ some situations you are forced to be in because your phone is too old and probably still got no money to buy another one. (That look on your face!, am not using an old Siemens phone for God’s sake, I will hide the identity of the phone perhaps it’s your dream phone and I don wana discourage mtoto wa wenyewe. Indeed it’s an upgrade your phone week on Jumuia maybe I could buy a new one.) ‘Hey umefika wapi’ my colleague Opondo asks. ‘On my way Buda’ typical of a young Kenyan man. I find my way on a holiday to the office. Hehe I mean on a holiday! Meeen! Nobody is at the offices except the gateman who is a very close ally of mine. It’s a public holiday in a public office. Funny!

Then I realize that I do not have the keys. My friend who called had not even arrived. (A lesson to learn here, always call anyone you having an appointment with one hour before you are even ready yourself. This will help them keep time and not waste your time. Time is money, don’t spend it use it wisely. But remember to always commit to the time you both agree to meet) he has the key!

I have to wait for him of course. I chat with the gateman for some time and then finally switch to the antisocial behavior (like you always do) my phone, I find myself going through a conversation of a very close friend and i. My whatsapp always reminds me of loyal friends, the conversation is lengthy but funny enough I am deeply engrossed as if I were reading for exams. Then I come across a text I forwarded to this anonymous friend before. I know you want to know what it was all about but relax. Throughout the convo I realise that sometimes I was mad, sending rude texts, sometimes my friend would do the same.(but what are friends for anyway) then I get to understand that there are friends with whom you will always fight but still will always stand by you.

I know you might read this here(funny) but the text that caught my eyes up there was about two friends walking through the desert and at some point they had an argument then one slapped the other. The one who is slapped writes it on the sand. And they move on, after sometime she gets stack in the mire, the friend helps her and she writes it on the stone. Moral of the story, always forget the wrongs people do to you as the wind erases the writing on the sand, but remember the good that people do to you as on the stone it is never erased.


You can enjoy your holiday if you want to. It’s your choice but remember


Commit yourself to a lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it. (we acha nimalize job nianze holiday) Habakkuk 2:3 vision half way.



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