Things happen so fast, I must admit. At one point you are in the kindergarten crying all the way to school sometimes only a shilling to buy ice makes you dry your tears. At another, you are in a Primary School struggling with peer pressure, adolescence and gik makamago! Then this high school thing ha-ha you try to let go all the bad behaviors you can possibly dream of, your best friends really have a say in how your life is lived and you don’t even realize it, few years fly and you cannot imagine when you finally get to campus and there you are, a FRESHER! At this point, the reality hits you that you are no longer a child, adulthood looks at you right in the face and you start an independent life (not really independent – you still depend on HELB and your parents weekly stipend). Trying to manage your little resources (money) that no one taught you how to become the order of the day. You are literally in the school of life because it is now that it dawns on you that you might never be the Pilot you wanted to be while in Primary school. The freedom you have now suddenly blinds you and you could make one or two mistakes that you will live to remember the rest of your life.  Movies, series and events become part of your life and weeks pass by quickly, you sit for your exams and off you go back home. As if that is not enough, you come back to your alma Mata running up and down east and west, cats and dogs ( of course you know I don’t mean it) trying to get cleared so you finally finish off campus life and there you go the JOB MARKET! Wait! Before that you organize a very big party like the one Jesus had with His disciples on that last night on those upper chambers, all in the name of finishing 8-4-4 and having that (kapeper ya degree)


Soon, you hit the road running after jobs, from one to another, from low paying ones to very little paying jobs. At this point you are either walking with a portfolio with your C.V ready to drop them to the next HR office. Other online applications are ready on your phone and at the click of a button they are sent (by the way don’t choose a job some of us have studied things that were never our purposes in campus, nevertheless destiny is never stolen from you only God can change your destiny). The very first job you land should be done with all your heart and soul and soon God will entrust you with a bigger and more) in the movie ‘spider man” the director says, with great power comes great responsibility and I agree. Seek volunteer opportunities, apply for those jobs you personally feel you don’t qualify, stay humble, submit to your bosses and stick to law number one of power.

At some point you feel like giving up and this is when you realize how real life is, that the inflation in the economy characterized by the rise in the cost of Unga can actually pinch you. That you can no longer have the group mentality you had in campus that you could ask your friend to sign for you( for those who had group discussions in Campus life) That your concern for political issues suddenly goes up, your opinion is wildly sought after and that you matter to politicians ( I won’t tell you why). This is the moment you either get closer to your God or further deviation is witnessed from your creator. At this point all your senses are accustomed and you get used to the fact that change is inevitable and the only constant thing is change.


Paul Angone my favorite millennial blogger and life coach will tell you that there are things if you do not do them when they were supposed to be done you will never do them again especially personal development and professional engagement. He puts it clearly that when you will be at your late years, you will look back and wish you did the things you never did in your twenties. You know; things like making new friends, learning new skills, visiting new places, dating, going on road trips with friends, attending parties, driving, playing your favorite sport just to mention a few. Wait! I forgot getting employed or just working as a volunteer. Simply put, there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1), the season may come and pass without your realization just be wise and know what season you are in. Life is in stages please don’t jump the ladder.

All these come back to one thing WORK; either you are employed and working for somebody or you are employed working for yourself. The thin line between an ordinary employee and the C.E.O is simply the skills of strategic thinking. The distance between where you are and where you want to go is determine by what you are doing now. Are you IDLE!! Go get some work! Young people should never be idle, they should at least be busy if not in the garden, assisting their fathers in the office, volunteering in hospital, having pro bono experiences or simply building their empires. People have walked out of campus owning briefcase companies, huge businesses, startups and unguided entrepreneurial ideas and others have walked out of campus only to start looking for what they want in life. I will not ask you what category you belong. I guess you already know that “Life is work and work is good. Gods work.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)


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