Our Last Hope – 10 million Bound! Peace Campaign.


To reach at least 10 million Kenyans to learn, study and sing the National Anthem prayerfully before and on the 5th of August 2017 @ 12:00 noon and commit to peaceful Coexistence thereafter.

‘Kenya National Anthem’

After our forefathers fought the battles for independence the time came when they realized that healing would required a united spirit spoken in a language common to all. Our forefathers choose “prayer” – they choose to unite our country in prayer to the highest God, our Creator. And with divine wisdom, the national anthem was composed – “O God of all Creation…..”


It speaks to our hearts the truth about what makes us Kenyan – the values we must uphold to look beyond the self-centered ideology of leaders who seek to divide us on ethnicity, gender, religion, literacy and even prosperity.


The national anthem is “our last hope” for peace and unity. When all fails, this prayer for justice will raise our spirits and sober our ambitions. It will help us realize that Kenya is God-given; divine in nature and blessed to prosper.

This July, Kenyans must stand up; “10 million bound”  as indicated in the third stanza line two ‘in common bond united’ to rally a peace agenda anchored on what makes us a great nation; our love for God, our commitment to love one another in the spirit of “Harambee” and our dedication to be outstanding patriots; willing to work hard to prosper our nation and protect our heritage.

We seek an opportunity with the media houses to air this campaign. If you wish to join us in this noble task/movement for peace please partner with us and give support to advertise and create awareness and produce branded T-shirts, wrist bands, flyers and other operational costs

We the citizens of this great nation Kenya must look beyond the politics and speak the truth of our national anthem as “one people”“10 million bound” – for peace : it’s ‘our last hope’.

Facebook page – 10 Million Bound WhatsApp group – 10 Million Bound




As “one people” – “10 million bound”: FOR PEACE, we are calling patriots across the our great nation and beyond our boundaries to rise up in prayer on Saturday 5th August 2017 @ 12 noon to sing the national anthem in victory. On this day Kenyans around the world shall raise our voice in joyful prayer through the words of the 1st stanza of the Kenya National Anthem (wherever you will be!).

Be a part of this great movement!



Additional acts of Solidarity:

We are calling upon all places of worship, institutions, NGO’S, Banks, Supermarkets, CBO’S, Government offices, media houses, primary schools, high schools, Universities, orphanages and individual small groupings to sing the Kenya National Anthem once during each gathering.

We are inviting all members of this movement to wear a “10 million bound” wristband and T-shirt.

If you wish to stand out as a peace Ambassador for this noble campaign please contact  0707644490 and represent your county.

We call upon all Kenyans to pray continually for peaceful campaigns, peaceful voting and a peaceful nation post-election.



1ST July Launch of the campaign
1st – 8th July Extraction of the values of the national anthem.
1st – 20 July Visitations – Public engagement
22nd – 29th July Media houses engagement- expected invitations.
1st July – 5th August Social media engagement/ County Ambassadors
3rd and 4th August #KenyaNationalAnthem_OurLastHope (twitter campaign)
5th August Peace walk – sing the National Anthem @ 12:00 noon.
6th August Post Campaign evaluation.

The campaign is divided into three sections;

  1. Social media Campaigns. (Media Houses)

  2. Visitation/one on one talks.

  3. Peace walk.



The logo was expounded and made clear as follows; Red represents the color of the blood of Jesus Christ as our common Bond. Reminds us of the blood that was shed before independence. The crossed finger in the middle represents peace meaning we say no to violence. The red incomplete circle represents our purpose to actualize the words of the National Anthem third stanza line two ‘in common bond united’ 10 million is the least number of Kenyans expected to be reached by 5th August.

Facebook page – 10 Million Bound WhatsApp group – 10 Million Bound

  • An initiative of _newlogo  in conjunction with the truthhub.png 0707644490 R.S.V.P.

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